3 Simple Tips for Creating a Healthy Work Space

healthy desk

Sedentary settings, stress and easy access to soda pop and junk food are some of the factors that may be negatively affecting your health at work. Many of these factors can be combated by making simple tweaks to your work space. Try these three super simple tips to create a work space that not only enables healthy habits, but also fuels productivity.

1. Stock healthy snacks at your desk. 
Stash snacks that help maintain your energy and focus at work (vs. make you crash or feel tired and hungry again). Be strategic about which snacks you keep within easy reach. Check out these 5 healthy snacks you need to have in your desk (and, OH YES, chocolate is on the list!!).

2. Keep a pair of walking shoes at work. 
Having a pair of walking shoes at your desk is a good reminder to get up and move! Take a walk with a co-worker, start a stair climbing group or pencil in a Smile Stroll. Scheduling in a walk or some sort of activity each day is a great way to manage stress at work and reenergize. If you are sitting most of the day at your desk, you may also want to explore standing desk options.

3. Have a water bottle handy.
Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle handy at your desk and refill it frequently. It’s recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day. For example, if you have a 20-ounce water bottle, you’ll want to drink about three bottles a day (67 ounces). Spice it up by adding chia seeds and fresh or frozen fruit chunks (i.e. berries, pineapple, lime, lemon, etc.) to your still or sparkling water. This is also a great alternative to soda pop.


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