Meet Kelli

kelli-44-croppedWell hi there!

I’m Kelli, Creator and Chief Gal on the Go of Well on the Go. I’m so happy you’re here because you’re about to discover a treasure trove of inspiration for creating a healthful lifestyle that you love!

Having worked in demanding career roles for many years, I know what it’s like to lead a busy life and struggle to make time to be healthier. But after burning out early in my career, I made a very important decision to shift to a lifestyle that fuels me instead of drains me. 

Just by making tiny but MIGHTY tweaks to my daily habits–from how I work to what I eat–I’ve created a lifestyle that makes me feel fit and energized and supports my health and happiness. One that works with my office-dwelling weekdays and fun-loving weekends. Mostly importantly, one that I truly love and loves me back.

In fact, this is how the philosophy for Well on the Go was born. It’s all about creating a healthful lifestyle that you love and works with your busy life (otherwise it would be just another dead-end diet).

The Well on the Go philosophy employs quick and healthy recipes along with the power of optimizing your everyday environments and daily routine to empower your health and happiness. It zeroes in on those tiny but MIGHTY habits that are wellness game-changers. I like to think of it as a healthful lifestyle strategy.

So while you’re here, load up on plenty of inspiration to create your healthful lifestyle strategy . . . whip up one of my tasty recipes (all under 30 minutes!), become a wellness ninja with some awesome tips and tricks, and have fun doing it (no diets, deprivation or torturous workouts here!).

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I’m honored to officially welcome you to the Well on the Go community.

Here’s to making wellness work with your busy life!




p.s. Please feel free to drop me a note here or submit a question for the monthly Q + A. I like a good wellness challenge. Bring it on!