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I used to feel like cooking a meal was just one more thing to check off my to-do list. That’s until I changed the way I thought about it. My kitchen has gone from a “work zone” to a “Zen Zone” thanks to inspiration from authors Michael Pollan and Sasha Martin, who will also transform the way you experience the act of preparing a meal.


Meditate in the kitchen with Michael Pollan.
If you didn’t catch Oprah’s recent interview with NY Times best-selling author Michael Pollan on Super Soul Sunday, this is one not to be missed! The thought-provoking interview explores everything from how cooking elevates your well-being to why the “kid’s menu” at restaurants is a bad idea.

Michael’s love for food, nature and cooking is contagious. In the full interview, he refers to cooking as a “mini-vacation” and “meditation.” He says “When you cook, you are in control of everything you’re putting into your body. It’s also a way to experience life and enjoy the moment with yourself, friends and family.” Watch the interview here.


Go on a culinary adventure with Sasha (and Ava) Martin.
Another person who will rekindle your romance with the kitchen is National Geographic author Sasha Martin, of Global Table Adventure. Sasha embarked on a very special culinary journey when her daughter Ava was born. Sasha wanted Ava to grow up with an appreciation of other cultures and vowed to cook a meal from every country: 195 meals in 195 weeks. And she didn’t stop there! Today, she has cooked over 650 recipes from every country in the world for her picky-husband-turned-foodie, Keith, and Ava, who can now proudly say she’s eaten the whole world before she turned five. Sasha’s journey is truly inspiring!

Start your culinary adventure with this simple Samoan Tropical Salad recipe and continue your eating expedition on the interactive world map of recipes. I love the handy dandy key to quickly access “vegetarian,” “vegan,” “five ingredients or less” meals and so on. Learn more about Sasha’s journey in her new book, Life From Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness.

Both Michael and Sasha have given me a new appreciation for cooking and I now look forward to my meditative moments in the kitchen and cooking adventures. Here’s to the power of the wooden spoon!

Let’s continue the conversation: Which dish takes you to your happy place when you cook it? Share the love in the comments below!

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